Trim to the Trade

Quality Plumbing Specialist


Trim to the Trade is a Palm Desert business bought by a Texas business man who is updating their branding to increase sales. His strategy was to release a new website, luxury product catalog and price list for distributed to retail stores, contractors and wholesale plumbing businesses.

Elizabeth was tasked with design and production of the new catalog featuring all of the products in a 120 page full color printed piece, plus the black and white twelve page price guide. and it had to look and function beautifully but be easy to read by trades men.

Elizabeth chose a design with the product photos on the outside page edges for easy recognition as you flip through. To further help a color guide was designed so each section had it’s own color in the table of contents and the edge of the page.

Most of those beautiful lifestyle photos were taken under direction from Elizabeth and photographed by her talented strategic partner Scott Avra of

The price guide was designed as an companion piece that can be easily updated yearly. The black and white design cut down on the print costs but is still easy to read and durable.

Both pieces have been prepared as interactive PDF’s that can be downloaded from the website or emailed to customers. What’s great about the interactive PDF’s is that the table of contents and index items link to their specific product page and the bottom of each page is a hot link to the website. This functionality helps drive customers to make a purchase.