It’s just the beginning of a new era for all of us. Small businesses have been hit very hard and are struggling to keep the doors open when we’ve been asked to stay at home. After prioritizing your safety, and the safety of your family, customers and employees what do we do?

From “Think with Google” they offer this strategic advice:

  • Stay informed. Take the pulse of the current landscape and category demand to understand the needs of your customers.
  • Be current and transparent. Your customers are looking for information and trust your company to deliver, so make sure you proactively communicate any business or product availability updates.
  • Adjust in real time. As consumer behavior shifts, make sure product information is up to date across all channels and communications to ensure you’re striking the right tone.

To help my clients adjust I’ve been updating websites, sending out Constant Contact emails so their customers know how to contact them and what services or products they are still providing. Some clients are postponing or modifying projects and looking forward to a future where we can all move about freely.

Meetings can be held by phone and video conferencing. Work can be accomplished at home in our digital world. For me, being a remote/freelance graphic designer I’m use to the ins and outs of working from home.

Just like all you I’m staying up to date, ready to adjust to the current landscape and ready to help you deliver your message.

Stay safe, stay well and wash your hands.