First comes a FREE thirty minute consultation. Elizabeth will ask what you’re looking for, and discuss if it’s something she can help you with. Then she will follow up with an estimate for the project. Next comes the questions about what you do, what you stand for, what you represent in the marketplace, what your goals and requirements are for this project. This determines the creative direction for the project. Elizabeth Graphic Design has hand picked strategic partners to help with photography, copyrighting, and SEO. Once the creative direction and project requirements are agreed upon by all parties, we’ll set up a production schedule and get to work.


At this stage several initial concepts will be explored. At least three design ideas will be presented to you with recommendations. Together the strengths and weaknesses will be discussed, measuring them against your needs and goals for the project. Once the best idea is chosen the project refinement stage begins with several rounds of revisions that will be completed in a timely manner.


In this final stage the end product will be produced. If it’s a web site, the functional product is developed and made available to the public. If it’s a brochure or other printed materials, the files will be prepare, sent to the printer and delivered. The expertise of choosing a printer is vital to get the price and quality desired. Elizabeth Graphic Design does not up-charge for printing, allowing her to be your print advocate. If it’s an identity project, your final digital logo, stationary, etc. files will be sent to you. Your digital assets will be stored safety at Elizabeth Graphic Design for future use.



There are new avenues to reach your clients with social media and responsive websites for all of their devices. Your message needs to be clear, simple and responsive.


Contemporary design of brochures, stationary packages, logos, huge to small banners, stage props, information cards of all sizes, door hangers, interior and exterior posters/signage, postcards, special invitations, tickets, booklets, magazines, books, and anything else you can think of.


Whether you are starting a new business or refreshing an existing business, your audience needs to know what you do and where they can find you. That starts with a good logo, printed materials and a great website.


Every successful business has a plan. Does your brand reflect the quality of your product. Good design will increase the value of any type of business.


It’s time to get the best design, that reflects your business values, product and services. Elizabeth is an award winning designer, has an eighteen year career that encompasses visual story telling, high creativity, and expert color theory.


Contact Elizabeth to begin your FREE thirty minute consultation and start brainstorming your new or refreshed brand identity to delight your customers with a clear, simple message.


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