What are my Business Marketing Assets?

As a business owner you’ve got essential assets like money, products and equipment. But what about your digital asset management? Do you know where your digital assets are? Maybe you’re wondering what are my marketing assets?

An important marketing asset is your logo. If you already have a logo your designer should of provided you with a vector eps or pdf to keep for future projects. From either of these file formats you can print your logo as big as a building or small on your business card.

Images that you have taken either professional or with your phone is another valuable asset. The photos of your team can be used in print or on your “About” web page. How about before and after photos of a job to show what amazing work you do? There’s product shots that show off what you make or sell. Keep them safe!

The passwords you accumulate for your web hosting, your url, internet marketing sites like Google+, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Facebook, Yelp and any others are assets. Keep them safe and sound, you’ll need them when you want to make changes.

Your business assets are safe with me. If I create it, I will save it in three places including my computer, external hard drive and in the cloud.!