What are my Business Marketing Assets?

As a business owner you’ve got essential assets like money, products and equipment. But what about your digital asset management? Do you know where your digital assets are? Maybe you’re wondering what are my marketing assets?

An important marketing asset is your logo. If you already have a logo your designer should of provided you with a vector eps or pdf to keep for future projects. From either of these file formats you can print your logo as big as a building or small on your business card.

Images that you have taken either professional or with your phone is another valuable asset. The photos of your team can be used in print or on your “About” web page. How about before and after photos of a job to show what amazing work you do? There’s product shots that show off what you make or sell. Keep them safe!

The passwords you accumulate for your web hosting, your url, internet marketing sites like Google+, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Facebook, Yelp and any others are assets. Keep them safe and sound, you’ll need them when you want to make changes.

Your business assets are safe with me. If I create it, I will save it in three places including my computer, external hard drive and in the cloud.!


How to Supply Content for Your Website

You’ve decided you need a website for your business and you are ready for the world to know what an amazing product or service you are providing. This is an important step and content will be needed.

After looking around the web, you’ve noticed that there are basic pages that every site needs. There is the home page, service or products page, a page about your company including your team members, testimonials and contact information page. This is the information you’ll need to write for your new site.

This basic content comes from you because you know your business and most likely have written a business plan. Use that as a place to start. Simply supply me with this content by writing each of these topic pages in a Word document. Use one page for each web page and send the final, accurate information to me. Try not to be a designer and just use text, we’ll design it for you. That’s what you are paying us to do.

Send your business images separately and if you don’t have any we can talk about a photo shoot or using stock images. Send them by email or if you have many photos a DropBox folder will be set up for you.

If you’ve got a image that you want on a specific page write down the photo name in your Word document for easy reference.

If you have products we’ll need photos, prices and descriptions, colors and sizes available for each.

Make sure you empathize what makes your business stand out from the rest. What do you offer that others don’t.

Attached is a starter Word document you can use. Fill in your information and send it to me. You are your way to an amazing website.

If you’re too busy for all of this stuff, ask me and we can work with a professional writer. ūüôā


WWW or Naked URL

I like naked URL’s¬†myself. Like how a¬†human feels naked, it’s freedom, unrestricted from cumbersome apparel. Same with your URL. On your business cards and other printed materials take off the “http://www…” from your website address and you’ll have a simple, pleasing appearance. It becomes easy to read and¬†the .com ending is your clue that this is a URL. You can type any URL address with or without the “http://www..” and get to the same web page.

Tech SEO experts will tell you there are some consequences to using either. My point of view is that as long as you are consistent with your choice you will be okay.

(The definition of a URL is the address of a World Wide Web page for those of you who are website newbies.)


Why Website Maintenance

Why Monthly Website Maintenance…

My thought has always been why offer website maintenance? Doesn’t a website just sit on the internet? My ideas have changed and I can say I’ve seen the light. It’s because a website needs to be maintained. The internet is a wild place with worms, spams, hackers and a million lines¬†of code jumbling around getting mixed up from time to time.

Keep your website looking great and working flawlessly all year long. Your clients will love visiting your site knowing you are a trusted and enthusiastic business owner.

Your site can be monitored to maintain a pleasing, well working appearance with all of your SEO ducks in a row. Some features to consider are:

  • Updating WordPress website template and plugins
  • Back up entire website monthly
  • Moz Local SEO Listings (Purchase & Monthly Reports)
  • Monthly Check up that includes every web page images, text and links to make sure they are functional
  • Google & Moz¬†Analytics Report that includes how many visitors and their demographics
  • Blog Updates

I now offer website maintenance, check it out here.